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Mugo from Past to Present

With its youthful spirit and commitment to innovation, MUGO has been the Turkey distributor of world-famous brands such as Herschel Supply, Native Union, STANCE, and Corkcicle and the authorized dealer of brands such as Vans, Converse, and Adidas for more than 11 years. Grabbing the attention of young audiences, the brand keeps expanding its customer base by adding new products to its product range every year. Let's examine how MUGO, a company that has grown its customer base by adding shoes, textiles, and accessories to its range, outsourced its e-commerce logistics operations to OPLOG, and the success that came right after it.

“When describing OPLOG, the first words to come to mind are trust, freedom, and customer satisfaction. We outsourced our operations to them in great confidence, and in return, achieved customer satisfaction. We get the same quality service at every step of the way which helps us grow as freely as we wish.”

Atahan Yilmaz – Marketing Director, MUGO

Challenges Before OPLOG

MUGO was not achieving the results they’d expected from other warehouse outsourcing companies. Then, they set up their own warehouses and started to manage their own warehouse operations, but still, couldn’t reach the desired level of speed or achieve a seamless operation that would make them feel comfortable.
A warehouse is the home of every e-commerce business. Thus, just like our own homes, a warehouse must be equipped with the technology of its time and should have an order of doing things. Right at this point, MUGO struggled to find a warehouse that could meet its technological needs while managing its operations.
Just like with everything else, technology facilitates e-commerce logistics and warehouse management processes. When there is a lack of technological infrastructure, things turn the opposite way, resulting in unexpected setbacks. MUGO has faced similar setbacks while running its own operations. Let’s take a look at why and how that happened.

“During the time we weren’t working with OPLOG, we were having trouble finding a fully working warehouse management software and we were experiencing hiccups in order management. However, OPLOG's strong technological infrastructure offers us the opportunity to focus our time on marketing and sales rather than operations.”

Atahan Yilmaz – Marketing Director, MUGO

For businesses like MUGO, which work with multiple brands, increasing product stock requires that these products are barcoded and logged into both the stock and the system, right after a quality control via a good warehouse management system. Afterward, the products should not be mixed while they are being collected and packaged for an order, moreover, the customer should be informed when they are delivered to the carrier company. Meanwhile, after these orders with so many products are prepared, the process should work in integration with the carrier company so that the end-users are served with a flawless delivery.

MUGO’s challenges in finding the right warehouse management software were even more prominent during high seasons—the increasing number of orders led to disruption in time-consuming processes such as the quality control, barcoding, and system logging of orders. This led to stock errors and incorrectly prepared orders, which decreased the delivery speed. At the end of the day, when they felt like the time they can have been devoting to developing their brand is wasted on warehousing, they started seeking a new solution.

How Did OPLOG Overcome These Challenges?

After all these bad experiences, MUGO started looking for a business partner that would be able to seamlessly transfer products from its own warehouse and provide transparency throughout the whole process. As a result of their investigations, the team concluded that OPLOG, which has the entire process under control via their own software, is the solution partner that they can trust their "home" with.

OPLOG transported 27 thousand of our products to its warehouses in a short period of 2 days without any disruption to operations. Since then, we see OPLOG as a partner rather than a service provider.”

Atahan Yilmaz – Marketing Director, MUGO

OPLOG quickly gained the whole team’s trust by moving MUGO’s 27 thousand products to its warehouse within 2 days and without any disruptions. Since then, MUGO has been able to easily observe and manage all its operations via the OPLOG One software, which has been integrated into its own e-commerce system, ikas. 

Atahan Yilmaz states that this collaboration has given birth to the success story of the two brands that grew together, and that the mutual trust strengthens this partnership with each passing day. Moreover, he underlines that the integration between ikas and OPLOG One eases operation management, offering the opportunity to devote more time to sales and marketing activities.

So, What Are the Outcomes of This Collaboration?

“Our number of orders is increasing each day, and OPLOG provides us with the same quality operation experience whether it's for 100 or 1000 products, which gives us the freedom to expand our business.”
Atahan Yilmaz – Marketing Director, MUGO

OPLOG’s partnership with over 10 carrier companies allows MUGO to increase customer satisfaction by eliminating the fast delivery problem it had previously experienced. Meanwhile, OPLOG’s value-added services that enable meeting special demands (tissue paper packaging, adding a gift card, etc.) from brands like Converse and Herschel, play an important role in customers preferring MUGO in their next purchase. Thus, no matter how large their brand scale gets, MUGO is able to meet the packaging demands of each and every one of them.

More Savings, More Growth with OPLOG Fulfillment

Increasing its product range day by day, MUGO managed to achieve an order fulfillment rate that increased from 50% to 128% prior to outsourcing its operations to OPLOG. In addition, with a 40% reduction in order picking errors, MUGO achieved 35% of cost savings.

Most importantly, MUGO has gained a fulfillment partner whom it can trust its products with. If you too would like to outsource your warehouse to double your sales while saving on costs, contact a fulfillment specialist and start winning.

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