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Consumer Health Fulfillment

Navigating complex inventory management and quality control in consumer health fulfillment? Discover OPLOG's tailored solutions for your brand, catering to everything from baby care products to vitamins & supplements in the shipment of all your consumer health items.

Our Capabilities

Swift and Precise Health Product Deliveries

Surpass customer expectations with our same-day delivery options, boasting a 99.99% order accuracy rate for consumer health products. Our commitment to exceptional service ensures you stay attuned to your customers' needs, guaranteeing satisfaction in every order.


Specialized Warehousing for Health Products

Our warehouses are tailored to the specific needs of consumer health items, from vitamins to baby care products. Equipped with advanced tracking systems for serial numbers, expiration dates, and FIFO methodologies, we ensure that every product is stored and shipped while maintaining its highest quality.

warehouse worker

Seamless Integration for Health Products

With our OPLOG-ONE platform, we ensure flawless integration of your sales channels. This end-to-end solution provides complete visibility, from accurate stock tracking to efficient returns management, making sure no order is ever missed.


Custom Packaging for Consumer Health

Understanding the uniqueness of health products, we offer specialized packaging options. Whether it’s for safety, product integrity, or brand-specific designs, our packaging services are crafted to meet your specific needs, enhancing the unboxing experience for your customers.




LOT and Expiry Date Tracking


FIFO (First-in-First-Out)


Batch Picking


Custom packaging & Information Slip Addition

wall to wall

Wall-to-wall Counting

Precise Delivery & High Quality Service

Order Accuracy
Customer Satisfaction Score
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