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End-to-End B2B and B2C fulfillment, Anywhere, Anytime

At OPLOG, we put your operations on auto-pilot with our advanced end-to-end omnichannel fulfillment service. We seamlessly bridge the gap between speed, detailed B2C/B2B supply chains, and post-purchase experiences for top-line customer satisfaction.

Fulfillment Challenges
That Can Hold Your Brand Back

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Logistic Complexities

The dizziness of real-time order tracking and inventory management across multi-channels

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The Need for Distinct Fulfillment Partners

Differentiating between B2B and B2C requirements

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The Pace of B2C vs. The Tradition of B2B

Getting caught in the dilemma of balancing B2C and B2B expectations

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Integration Hurdles

Non-matching data between inventory and order data

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Scaling Concerns

When your business growth becomes a challenge than a success story

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Fixed Storage Costs

Incurring consistent storage expenses, regardless of product volume

How OPLOG Handles Your Omnichannel Fulfillment?

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A Single Fulfillment Partner

Work with a specialized partner for all your B2B and B2C operations.

Integrated Inventory and Order Management

Manageall of your B2B, B2C, and/or DTC orders and inventory in real-time via a singledashboard.

Unrivaled Post-Purchase Procedure

OPLOG offers transparent tracking, actionable insights, and strengthens brand-customer relationships.

Experience B2B at the Speed of OPLOG

We bring the speed and expertise we've gained in B2C to your B2B operations.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Get acquainted on with our systems that optimize costs and processes for both B2B and B2C operations.


Pay only for the storage and services you actively use, with no hidden fees.

Some of Our Brands

From individual online sellers to large-scale suppliers, we scale with your operations, strengthening your relationships with both partners and customers.

B2B & Retail

Empower your B2B and wholesale operations with OPLOG's technology-driven fulfillment service. Whether you need to distribute inventory to dealers and distributors within your network or ship to physical stores reaching the end customer, we've got you covered.


Deliver a flawless post-purchase experience to your e-commerce customers. Beyond the essential e-commerce elements of speed and order accuracy, elevate the customer experience and reinforce your brand loyalty with the value-added services provided by OPLOG.

What Sets OPLOG Apart?


Optimal Order Grouping

Orders are efficiently grouped based on route, delivery date, and destination, ensuring both fast delivery and cost advantages.


Time Slots for Receiving and Delivery

Scheduling is simplified with specific time slot reservations for distributors, benefiting both partners and clients.


Compliance to Standards

Pallets and packaging are prepared according to standards set by various platforms.



Options range from hanging or boxed storage for eCommerce customers to bundle product preparation or branding-specific packaging.


Bundle Preparation

Diverse products are assembled into special combinations, with flexible solutions designed based on customer demands and distribution needs.


Batch & Expiry Date Tracking

Our tech infrastructure precisely tracks product dates, ensuring constant accessibility through the platform.


Same-Day Shipping

Recognizing the essence of time in eCommerce, orders received by 1:00 PM, including Saturdays, are picked, packed, and dispatched on the same day.


EDI Integration

eCommerce operations and distributor networks are seamlessly integrated, resulting in optimized collaborations and operations.

Embark on Your OPLOG Journey in Just 3 Seamless Steps



Let's get to know your business and products better.


Bring Your Products to Our Warehouse

After completing the integration, send over your products. With our "From Your Warehouse to Ours" service, OPLOG can even pick them up for you.


Begin Processing Your Orders

Once your products are added to our inventory, continue with your B2B and B2C sales without missing a beat.