Fulfillment with the power of software and technology 

Support your operations with fulfillment enhanced with technology and software, and maximize customer satisfaction. 

Save time and grow your business with OPLOG

Equip yourself with the power of technology

We carry fulfillment services to the highest level with the technologies we develop. By eliminating operational challenges and unpredictable costs, we offer end-to-end visibility and tracking to our customers.

Track all processes through a single platform

You can focus on your brand and sales while keeping all order processes under full control. Leave all operational activities to OPLOG - from warehousing to preparing the orders to shipping and return.

Access error-free stock accuracy

After products arriving at our warehouses are subject to quality controls, they are added to stocks without any errors. Your stocks are instantly updated after express shipments, and you can position your organization without encountering any problems of deficient or incorrect stocks.

Offer your brand experience

Just like your products, packages constitute an important part of your brand. OPLOG works with you to provide your customers with the experience you have planned for your brand to the last detail. Orders are wrapped in your own packages and as you wish, and delivered to your customers.

Shipping management under our control

OPLOG works in integration with the most popular cargo companies. Each order we prepare is given to the optimal courier company according to size, delivery address, and performance. Regardless of the courier company dealing with your package, you can track shipments instantly through our platform. Any problem that you may encounter in all these processes is resolved by our support team.

Benefit from seamless return management

Return processes constitute an important part of brand reliability and customer satisfaction. Experience end-to-end fulfillment by leaving return processes that require operations and workforce to OPLOG. Do not lose time in processes such as controlling returns, sorting out resalable products, and updating stocks.

Integrate easily

We work in integration with leading e-commerce platforms to help you grow your business in a smarter, faster, and stronger way

Let us manage your post-purchase processes. 

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