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Tech-Powered Fulfillment

Faster, better, stronger — an omnichannel fulfillment service powered by proprietary software and technology


All-in-One Fulfillment Management

Inventory Tracking
Monitor your B2B and B2C stock levels across all OPLOG warehouses in real-time.
Order Tracking
Track all of your sales and their fulfillment stages.
Delivery Tracking
Monitor all of your local and cross-border last-mile processes.
Goods Receipt Tracking
Plan and track all stock-receiving processes.
Unlimited Integration
Seamlessly integrate with hundreds of marketplaces, sales channels, and platforms via Open API.
Single Panel Management
Effortlessly manage all global operations via a single panel.
Hassle-free system requiring no training or onboarding.

Warehouse Management System

A System Transforming Data into Growth

Inventory Analysis
Prevents stockouts by tracking your stock levels in real-time. Identifies non-selling products to save on space and costs.
Expiration Date Management
Ensures top-notch expiration date management with the FIFO (First in, First out) methodology.
Predicts stock requirements by analyzing customer behavior.
Batch Tracking
Tracks your products’ entire lifecycle, from production to sale and returns.
Seamless Integration
Easily integrates with all your existing systems via Open API.

Transportation Management System

Track All Your B2B and B2C Deliveries

Extensive Partner Ecosystem
Our transportation management system integrates with hundreds of local and international courier companies.
D.A.S. (Delivery Alarm System)
D.A.S. connects to our courier partners’ portals, alerting them about deliveries exceeding average delivery times.
Ideal Cargo Partner Matching
Each order is delivered to the most ideal cargo partner based on package size, delivery address, and cargo company performance.


The Award-Winning Fulfillment Robot from Award-Winning Fulfillment Providers

99.99% Picking Accuracy
Unlike error-prone manual operations, TARQAN offers 99.99% picking accuracy.
400% Faster Order Fulfillment
Eliminating the need for walking in picking processes, it ensures orders are fulfilled 400% faster.