Customer satisfaction,

warehousing, shipping,

and more in e-commerce 

Leave your warehousing, packaging, delivery, and return processes to us,

and focus on growing your brand and sales.  


With OPLOG, your favorite brands offer a seamless shopping experience to e-commerce customers. 
How does OPLOG fulfillment work? 

Connect easily 


OPLOG works in integration with the most popular sales platforms. After easily integrating your e-commerce website with OPLOG, you can check stock and order amounts as well as delivery and return processes through a single platform, wherever and whenever you wish. 

Your products in our warehouses 



After the system integration, the products you send to our warehouses equipped with the latest technology are subject to quality controls and stocktaking. Now, both your orders and stock can be instantly displayed on the OPLOG platform. 

We prepare your orders 


As soon as your sales channels are integrated, your orders are transmitted to OPLOG. For all orders received until 13:00, your products are collected and packaged as you designed for your brand. 

We ship your orders 


If there is no courier company you work with, your orders are given to the optimal courier company by considering the criteria of package size and address-based delivery time with OPLOG One’s smart algorithms. While any disruptions in shipping processes are resolved by our teams, you just follow the processes instantly through the Oplog platform. 



Seamless Return 


Returns, the most important and problematic part of e-commerce, are under OPLOG's control. You can track processes such as controlling returns, sorting out resalable products, and updating stocks through our platform. 

100% Customer Satisfaction 


In addition to stocking and warehousing, your customers will have a great post-purchase experience with OPLOG Fulfillment. You just focus on your brand and sales and track all processes through the OPLOG Platform whenever you wish. 
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Integrate easily 


We work in integration with leading e-commerce platforms to help you grow your business in a smarter, faster, and stronger way. 


Let us manage your post-purchase processes.

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