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Our Pricing Model

Storage & Warehousing

Our chaotic storage system offers flexible, scalable storage solutions with pay-as-you-use pricing. Receive monthly performance insights and real-time inventory tracking across all warehouses via OPLOG One.

Pick & Pack

Our pick & pack services are billed per item, and all cost items regarding these processes are transparently disclosed within your tailored quotes, no hidden costs. All orders and processes can be monitored via OPLOG-ONE.


We partner with hundreds of courier companies worldwide, offering fast, quality, and global deliveries. Our Transportation Management System (TMS) helps you track your last-mile processes and partners you with the most compatible courier company based on your order requirements (size and weight), delivery destination, and the courier company’s performance.


We always go the extra mile for those who aren’t afraid to ask for more. Get in touch to learn more about our Value-Added-Services, ranging from Return Management to special branding requirements.

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