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GNC Pet Market

Managing pet product supply chain operations can be hard without OPLOG

4x increase in sales
40% reduction in order picking error rate
130% increase in order fulfillment speed
40% cost savings post warehouse outsourcing

The pet products industry is in many respects more sensitive than other industries. When it comes to our furry friends, it is possible to say that your customers are more sensitive than other sectors on issues such as correct and undamaged product delivery or on-time delivery. The good news is that; your customers are more likely to trust your pet shop business, big or small, to meet the needs of their dear pets.  

But if your business fails to deliver the foods and supplies pet owners need on time, or worse, if these products are broken or damaged, your customers' trust can be broken forever. In these times of rapidly changing customer loyalty, only one bad experience is all it takes to lose a customer forever. Having a partner who is an expert in managing the supply chain of pet shops will help pet owners be happier with fast and accurate deliveries that never fail.  

GNC Pet Market is one of our customers in the pet products industry, which has grown rapidly by acquiring happy customers by transferring its supply chain operations to OPLOG. Let's go over the growth adventure of GNC Pet Market with OPLOG together.

GNC Pet Market

The triumphant story of GNC Pet Market, which set out to meet all pets' needs, started with a small warehouse and budget. Founder of GNC Pet Market, Volkan Çetin's love for pets has brought the brand to its current position. Of course, there is a lot of effort and sacrifice behind the success of the brand. The story of GNC Pet Market took a different direction after meeting OPLOG. We asked the company's founder, Mr. Volkan Çetin, how the problems and difficulties arising from the operation were left behind and how his business turned into a success story. 


“We have reached a point where become completely unsustainable to continue our internally managed supply chain operations. Our order volume has grown rapidly. Managing the supply chain operations left us no time to
do anything else“

Volkan Çetin,

Competition Increases in the Pet Shop Industry! How to be Successful? 

The share of pet shops, which meet all the needs of our lovely friends, in the e-commerce sector is increasing day by day. According to the report prepared by Global Market Insights, the market is growing at an average of 15% every year, and this growth rate comes from e-commerce sales. The pet shop market is reached $245 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $261 billion in 2022. The percentage of shopping from physical stores has also increased, but the increase is so far from e-commerce sales, which have quadrupled since 2013. 

Of course, this growth also brings competition. Therefore, pet shops need to find ways to put themselves one step ahead in e-commerce.  While competition continues to increase rapidly, e-commerce businesses that can manage the supply chain smoothly, respond quickly to the needs of their customers, and minimize the margin of error in their operations achieve sustainable success. GNC Pet Market is one of these businesses.   

Storage Place = Freedom of Sales   

Did you know that storage places within your warehouse directly affect your sales? Well, if you spare a storage place that is broader than what you actually need, it will cause you to store an insufficient amount of products, thereby leading you to miss some sales opportunities. And it is challenging to predict the amount of storage space you need before you start making sales.   

Volkan Çetin, the founder of GNC Pet Market, started his e-commerce journey on a small warehouse, but his sales were rising daily. In time he realized that the warehouse he was using certainly wasn't enough for the number of orders he gets. He even has faced situations where he sold the products at expense just to open storage space in his warehouse. This was one of the problems GNC PET MARKET faced before working with OPLOG.  

Volkan Çetin states that those were when OPLOG came to rescue and relieve the burden on his shoulders. He also mentions that after working with OPLOG, his focus has shifted from the problems related to the warehouse as the flexible storage options gave him the chance to store the necessary amount of place in OPLOG's warehouses. Thanks to these opportunities, he no longer needs to lose money for obtaining storage space, and maybe even more important than this, he no longer worries about the peak seasons when he sells more products than usual.   

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"What's great about OPLOG is that they are not only talented in order fulfillment but also their support is precious every time we face a problem. And having this huge support gives us the confidence we need to scale while focusing on different projects"

Volkan Çetin

The impact of peak seasons on warehouse operations    

Peak season may sound fancy as people associate this term with increased acquisitions. However, peak season also represents the period of operational struggles. As we all know, not a single customer is okay with waiting for the order. That is why you need a fast order fulfillment process to deliver products as quickly as possible. Therefore, to solve this, you might think hiring a few more people will do the work. Unfortunately, it would be best if you educated this newly acquired personnel before having more trouble within your warehouse. And it is almost impossible to provide a decent education in a limited time.  

As a founder of GNC Pet Market, Volkan Çetin hasn't faced these kinds of struggles since working with OPLOG. The well-trained staff of OPLOG has been picking, packing, and shipping the orders of GNC Pet Market like lightning, regardless of the shopping season they are in. That's why Volkan no longer needs to seek additional warehouse staff before peak seasons.   


"When facing peak seasons, our staff cannot cope with the order fulfillment process. We usually hire additional staff to deliver orders in time, but this solution has come with additional costs. The additional staff couldn't lend a hand to us as they were inexperienced in the field. Since working with OPLOG, the pace of our order fulfillment process has hit the roof while our expenses have fallen by a significant degree."

Volkan Çetin

Less burden and more growth with OPLOG fulfillment 

GNC Pet Market has increased its sales four times while reducing warehouse costs by %40 since working with OPLOG. The pet company has also expanded its order fulfillment pace by %130. As OPLOG , we are thrilled to be a part of GNC Pet Market's journey.

“I am strongly recommending OPLOG to people workingin e-commerce. I have been greatly relieved by transferring all my supply chain operations to OPLOG. I have only focused on my sales and growth since partnering with them"

Volkan Çetin

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