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OPLOG x Ontrail

“OPLOG is a great partner to work with. Thanks to the fulfillment service;
we can focus more on organic production,
reach the right customers and let our products grow."

Burçin Vahid and Erdi Vahid, founders of Ontrail, are a traveler couple who like traveling with their trailer and collecting memories from all around the world. Ontrail’s success story begins right after. All of the products Ontrail produces are based on passionate people who take their life as a journey and love to fill their days with new experiences. Wanderers get inspired by many things in life but nothing inspires them as much as the places they saw, the things they felt while on the road, the smell of nature… That’s how Ontrail reaches their customers.

However, Ontrail has much more to offer. They implement their idea by being an eco-friendly brand with materials sensitive to ecological balance. Ontrail supports local production by choosing materials and workshops with certificates such as Oeko-Tex® 100, SEDEX and BSCI, B-Corp in production. Ontrail aims to create its products in a way that would not lose its beauty. This motivation leads them to produce its products with long-lasting materials. Their products can be used over and over in different conditions without losing its brand new look.

Digging into It

The clothing industry has been helping us finding that style with its growing creators. With an industry that fulfills the needs of almost each person in the world, it is almost impossible to distinguish oneself from the other. 

Having said this, creating a clothing brand in Turkey where the clothing industry’s power dates back to Ottoman Empire makes things even harder. On the other hand, Turkey, the 4th leading global textile exporter provides opportunities to the manufacturers as wellThis massive industry provided the opportunity for Ontrail Store to reach its fellow travelers and nature lovers to find the right style for themselves.

Challange 1: Is Expertising in E-Commerce Worthy?

The challenges in the e-commerce market are increasing due to the improvements in technology. Now, the competition in the market is more than ever. It is almost necessary to know about the latest trends and best practices in e-commerce. E-commerce businesses must plan their promotion, use their data, and manage their stocks very wisely. It is not as easy as it sounds. In this regard, there is a very limited time for Ontrail’s employees to study, search and learn all these things at once because their main aim is not to have complete knowledge about running an ecommerce business. In fact, Ontrail would want to invest more time reaching out to their customers by creating new designs and improving the quality of their products. 

In this scenario, Ontrail’s decision makers had to find the optimal solution. After long discussions about what to do, they decided to work with OPLOG. Consequently, their decision had a huge impact on the future of Ontrail. Partnering with OPLOG led to a solution in which Ontrail did not have to recruit, hire, train, and manage its employees for fulfillment and inventory management processes. Instead, OPLOG’s experienced professionals and its technological base took over this time-consuming process and turned it into a profitable system. Currently, Ontrail is maximizing the efficiency of its e-commerce business and customer satisfaction, saving substantial delivery times and capital each year.

“OPLOG’s e-commerce fulfillment solutions simplify running a business for us.
Fulfillment service of OPLOG allows us to focus more on what we do best,
so that we can grow our business faster.” 


Challenge 2: Is Unboxing Experience related to Customer Satisfaction?

Although most e-commerce brands bypass their packaging, customized packaging has been known as a game-changer in the e-commerce business for brand growth. In fact, customized packaging has a huge potential to encourage forty percent of online shoppers to make product recommendations. We all live in a world where social media dominates people's views about a particular topic or a product. Many influencers share their unboxing experience live on social media, and a distinguished package can drive forward sales. (Besides, it leads thirty-nine percent of shoppers to share an image of their purchase on social media). 

“We aim to deliver our products in eco-friendly packaging. Every time we find a new solution we change the packaging accordingly. OPLOG offers customized and flexible packaging solutions. That's why we're able to make decisions fast and efficiently.”  


With its vision for nature and the passion for travel, OPLOG’s custom packaging provided an added value to both Ontrail and its customers. OPLOG’s customized packaging lets its partners customize the packages with gift cards, stickers, promotion cards, and more.

Challenge 3: Big Decision to Make: Time Off or More Work?

There might be more work for people who manage their supply chain on their own. Storing, packaging, shipping and return processes might be very time consuming and costly. It is a fact that managing the logistics operations require a great amount of time and that might lead firms to have less efficiency while growing their business. That was the case with Ontrail. Ontrail’s company culture is in a way that employees would want to enjoy their life while they work hard and achieve great things as a team. They found a solution where they can balance their life and work.

OPLOG’s fulfillment services allow its partners to leave all logistics-related tasks and focus on their work. As OPLOG, we prepare your orders, pack, and ship according to your instructions. 

“Startups require a lot of time and energy. In order to do creative work as a team,
we would love to spend our valuable free time by travelling and exploring nature.
OPLOG helps us to cover field work and deliver thousands of orders while we invest on building a creative team”


Moving Forward

Minimize the supply chain difficulties or not to, that is the question. If you want to maximize your business’ growth, you have a decision to make. If you have a partnership with OPLOG, you can grow your business while increasing your sales.

Picking, packing, and shipping are time-consuming for your e-commerce business. Partnering with a fulfillment service could be the solution to solve your logistics obstacles, which would allow you to focus on customer service and grow your business. Partnering with 3PL like OPLOG could provide you unlimited benefits, including decreasing operational costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving operational efficiency. 

OPLOG provides end-to-end track and trace services, including unified inventory control, returning experience, and transparent e-logistics technology. All systems are easily integrated into a solid warehouse and transport network to maximize efficiency and deliver unbeatable customer satisfaction. OPLOG also ensures an outstanding customer service experience and value-added service.

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