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Let’s Meet in E-commerce Berlin Expo
Let’s Meet with OPLOG and TARQAN

Discover the future of e-commerce at our booth

📢 The heart of the e-commerce world beats in Berlin in less than 24 hours, and we at OPLOG are taking our place at E-Commerce Berlin EXPO 2024! 🎉

⏰ Time: Tomorrow - 22 February 2024
🚩 Location: Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6, Hall 3, M1.4

What awaits you?
  • Discover the future of e-commerce at our booth
  • Explore innovative trends with OPLOG's latest tech products and services.
  • Meet TARQAN, our revolutionary robot transforming fulfillment processes, and see how TARQAN can enhance your operations! 🛍️🤖
  • And much more!   
Masterclass | On the M1 Stage at 15:45 | The Making of a Fulfillment Maverick: Robots and Beyond
  •  Evolution in The Fulfillment Industry
  • The Pioneers and The Crazy Ones
  • What Changed For Us At OPLOG
  • What This Means For You As An E-Commerce Brand

Join us at Masterclass!