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Inspiring Story of Woohoobox 

The story of Woohoobox, an e-commerce brand which unique stationery and gift products are delivered to their buyers in specially designed boxes, started in 2015 with a small team and capital. Azar Shirinov, the co-founder of Woohoobox, defines Woohoobox as a brand that brings people together who are far from ordinary and who love unique designs.

Since day one, Woohoobox has designed and produced more than 300,000 products for many companies both in Turkey and abroad. These products have also been used by consumers who enjoy unique items. The brand is still gaining customers worldwide and growing its business every day. 

"There were times when we could not fulfill orders even though we were working at full capacity before outsourcing our supply chain management processes. Since we decided to get a fulfillment service, our orders are fulfilled on time. We transferred our logistics processes to OPLOG. Now, we can develop and diversify our products and focus on our sales.”

Azar Shirinov ,
Woohoobox, Co-Founder

Is it easy to stand out in the stationery industry when the competition is high?  

The global stationery industry reached 85.5 billion dollars in the year 2020. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 4% until 2026. Nowadays, being in such a profitable sector and surviving in the market is not as easy. The variety of the products and prices of the products do not guarantee success anymore. After all, no matter how good the products are or how much money is spent to announce the brand, all efforts are wasted when the product is not delivered on time.

At this point, brands that can manage their supply chain activities seamlessly are more likely to become industry leaders. Brands gain sustainable success in e-commerce by using the advantages of the technology, being closer to the market, knowing what customers demand, and responding quickly to the customers' demands. When it comes to e-commerce, those issues become more critical. This is how Woohoobox differs from its competitors. Woohoobox prioritizes its supply chain management and puts it at the center of its growth strategy; the brand is taking immediate steps toward becoming one of the industry's pioneers.

When do businesses need to outsource their post-purchase operations?

E-commerce logistics is one of your brand's most essential dynamics (or perhaps the most important) to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Although an e-commerce brand has done everything right, it cannot supply the product and deliver it to its customers on time due to the disruptions in the logistics processes. It is almost inevitable that it will have difficulties in order processes. For this reason, malfunctions that may occur in e-commerce logistics processes may result in dissatisfaction of the end-user.

At this point, we started our conversation by asking Azar Shirinov, co-founder of Woohoobox, how they used to carry out e-commerce logistics processes before the brand began working with OPLOG. Shirinov explained that while they were carrying out their supply chain processes within the company, they frequently faced operational problems due to the increasing number of their sales. He stated that the increase in orders and variety of products resulted in issues such as the inability to manage product returns, product loss, stock loss, and imbalances in stock numbers.

“As our sales volume increased, our operational burdens increased, and we were having problems with scaling. Our issues were clear, we weren't able to fulfill orders efficiently, and we couldn't manage returns efficiently."

Azar Shirinov,
Woohoobox, Co-Founder.

On the other hand, Woohoobox is one of the brands with the most comprehensive product variety in Turkey, with over 20,000 different product types. For this reason, collecting the desired products one by one from the warehouse among thousands of products and packing them as requested by the customers is a situation that takes time and can result in the dissatisfaction of the end-user by making the slightest mistake. According to Shirinov, placing, addressing, packaging, and controlling the stocks of the products inside the warehouse was quite challenging. 

"As the variety of our products increased, we started having issues with complexity and not being able to fulfill orders correctly. As we could not accept returns correctly, we encountered several problems: product loss, stock loss, and imbalance in stock numbers."

Azar Shirinov,
Woohoobox, Co-Founder

Is it possible to eliminate all e-commerce operations rather than carry them as a burden?

Although the primary goal of e-commerce businesses is to optimize the post-purchase process at the right time to boost sales, the post-purchase process is a time-consuming and complicated sphere that keeps businesses away from this goal. Therefore, services of end-to-end post-purchase operations (order fulfillment services) appear ideal for companies that don't want to deal with e-commerce operations to the point where they cannot achieve their primary goals. Businesses usually prefer order fulfillment service by the provider for logistics management and the whole process, including warehouse and order management.

Order fulfillment is considered to represent a small part of e-commerce logistics operations. Returns management, inventory management, storage process, stock controls, packing, value-added services, and shipping are the parts of the iceberg that do not appear, which constitute the primary operational intensity. This is precisely the point that should be considered when choosing fulfillment providers that provide these services, defined as end-to-end e-commerce logistics process management. For your business, it might be decisive to choose a fulfillment service provider that offers not only a small part of the process but also the entire process of reliable, professional, high-quality, and cost-effective e-commerce logistics.

In this regard, choosing a fulfillment provider was simple for Shirinov. To solve logistics problems caused by the operational burden of growth and meet the brand's particular needs, he transferred all e-commerce logistics processes to fulfillment provider OPLOG. Thus, the brand's decision-makers have a significant amount of time to focus on Woohoobox's growth by transferring returns management, inventory management, storage process, stock controls, picking, packing, value-added services, and shipping operations OPLOG.

Woohoobox has noticeably reduced its operational costs owing to fulfillment service by OPLOG. Since the brand started to work with OPLOG, it has decreased its operational costs by paying per order. The cost-effective pricing of OPLOG also enabled to contribute to the brand's sustainable growth.

"OPLOG has saved us from the problems in returns management, inventory management, storage process, stock controls, picking, packing, value-added service, and shipping operations, that are, complete e-commerce logistics. Thus, OPLOG has been an important milestone for us to devote more time to product development and marketing.”

Azar Shirinov,
Woohoobox, Co-Founder

The Secret Recipe of Woohoobox Boxes

Although most e-commerce brands bypass their packaging, customized packaging has been known as a game-changer in the e-commerce business for brand growth. Customized packaging has a huge potential to encourage forty percent of online shoppers to make product recommendations. We all live in a world where social media dominates people's views about a particular topic or a product. Many influencers share their unboxing experience live on social media, and a distinguished package can drive forward sales. (Besides, it leads thirty-nine percent of shoppers to share an image of their purchase on social media).

Consumers who order beautiful products from Woohoobox receive their orders in personalized packaged boxes. Woohoobox relies on OPLOG fulfillment service for this personalized packaging process or tailor-made process, which requires care and attention.

At OPLOG fulfillment centers, each order is carefully prepared and delivered to the courier in accordance with the demands of the consumers who placed the order. Woohoobox stands out from its competitors not only with its beautiful and unique products but also by prioritizing the reflection of its brand identity. 

"Our primary requirement before working with a fulfillment service provider was that it could provide tailor-made services for its customers. Can fulfillment service providers make notes for each order? Can it pack gifts designed for a brand? And can it deliver orders immediately to the consumers? At this point, in our meetings with OPLOG, we recognized, which al, which all requirements that we wanted to fulfill, could be done, and tested (warehouse visits) several times, and OPLOG provides successfully tailor-made services such as customizing the packages with gift cards, stickers, promotion cards, and more.”

Azar Shirinov,
Woohoobox, Co-Founder

With seamless OPLOG fulfillment service, less burden and more sales

By letting the management of post-purchase processes to OPLOG, Woohoobox has increased the order fulfillment speed from38%to150%since the day it worked with OPLOG.

Woohoobox, one of the successful business partners of OPLOG, which has expanded its e-commerce operations by 93% and increased its product range to over 20,000, competes with giant brands in the stationery industry today.

OPLOG Customer Stories: Woohoobox

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