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Furniture & Home Decor

Struggling with the bulky nature and complex logistics of furniture and home goods fulfillment? Explore below how OPLOG shapes omnichannel fulfillment to perfectly fit your furniture and decor business.

Our Capabilities

Optimal Order Grouping for Furniture and Home Decor

Expertly orchestrating order grouping for furniture and home decor items, we ensure that each item or pallet is prepared and optimized for route efficiency, timely delivery, and cost savings.

home decor

Branding and Bundle Packaging Solutions

Deliver a ship-ready presentation that aligns with customer expectations. OPLOG's SIOC (Ships in Own Container) solutions secure products in transit and enhance brand visibility.

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Return Management

Manage reverse logistics easily with OPLOG One. Get complete oversight of stock levels, order status, and returns for furniture and home decor businesses—all through a single platform.


B2B and B2C Handling

Accept goods by pallet for bulk orders and ensure meticulous care and efficiency for every shipment, regardless of size. OPLOG handles both B2B and B2C fulfillment needs.




SIOC (Ships in Own Container)


Batch Picking


Accepting Goods by Pallets


Custom packaging & Information Slip Addition

wall to wall

Wall-to-wall Counting

Precise Delivery & High Quality Service

Order Accuracy
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