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Same-day shipping

The product the customer purchases is delivered to the cargo within the same day.   

What is same-day shipping? 

Same-day shipping means the product leaves the warehouse to reach the customer on the same day the order is placed. This allows customers to access products and meet their needs quickly.  

Factors affecting same-day shipping  

The delivery of this service may be affected by many factors, such as the time of the order, product availability, shipping charges, and more.  

Conditions for same-day shipping 

Same-day shipping is usually available for specific products or certain regions. The regions where this service is offered are limited and may vary depending on the region of the cargo companies. Same-day shipping service is usually available if the product is purchased early and the cargo company can deliver within a specific time frame.  

Same-day shipping service is usually available for an additional fee. This surcharge may be higher than regular shipping rates. However, many companies offer same-day shipping services to their customers to meet their needs and provide a competitive advantage. 

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