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Textile & Fashion and Apparel Fulfillment

Top-tier inventory tracking and quality returns management tailored to make your textile & fashion brand fulfillment processes silky-smooth

Glam-up your brand with be-Spoke fulfillment services

Inventory Tracking

Boost your inventory tracking and ensure up to 99.99% stock accuracy across apparel styles and variants. OPLOG-One seamlessly integrates with various sales channels, providing real-time and accurate inventory management.

cloth box

Fast and Accurate Delivery

Match customer expectations with 99%+ delivery accuracy and offer efficient global shipping with same-day options. Stay steps ahead of competitors in the Textile & Fashion and Apparel space.

fashion clothing

GOH (Garment-On-Hanger) Systems

Ensure timely delivery of products in excellent condition. OPLOG’s GOH systems prevent wrinkles and potential damage to customer orders, elevating their shopping experience.  


Quality Control & Returns Management

Rest easy knowing that our team manages your fashion product returns, thoroughly examining items for defects or damages. You can easily track the process through the OPLOG-One platform.




Batch Picking


GOH (Garment-On-Hanger) Systems


Custom packaging & Information Slip Addition

wall to wall

Wall-to-wall Counting

Precise Delivery & High-Quality Service

Order Accuracy
Customer Satisfaction Score
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