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The digital revolution greatly improved logistical efficiency by eliminating much of the Supply Chain Management process, but companies are still forced to use traditional air, road and sea transportation methods to deliver products from their warehouses to their customers, often at great cost. So, it is critical that transportation is managed as efficiently as possible, to minimize the use of resources, including people, fuel and vehicles.

OPLOG engages premium transportation providers and pioneering resource management software to deliver your goods from supplier to consumer in as little time and for as little cost as possible.



Logistics refers to the organization of functions within a single firm, Supply Chain Management the flow of processes between the entire value network; and Transportation Management oversees all of the vehicles that ensure your company’s goods are delivered in immaculate condition, from your suppliers, to your customers.

Efficient and effective transportation management requires meticulous planning to ensure the efficient and effective use of resources, including vehicles, fuel and manpower.

OPLOG oversees Transportation Management from its Control Tower, providing its partners with transparent, real time visibility and control of their vehicles and goods.



OPLOG is a fourth-party logistics company (4PL), coordinating an integrated end-to-end Supply Chain Solutions on behalf of its partners. Efficient Transportation Management is a core component of effective Supply Chain Management and the team at OPLOG only work with the elite providers of transport. Our service methodology includes creating a fully customized solution for your business with these distinct benefits:


  • Full Service Fleet Leasing
  • Refrigerated Vehicles for temperature-critical F&B goods
  • Maintenance Management Programs
  • Dedicated Contract Carriage
  • Door – to – Door Third Party Courier Services

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