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Welcome to OPLOG -Your Partner for Fulfillment in UK

How Does OPLOG Fulfillment Work? 

☑️Connect Easily
Easily integrate your sales platform with OPLOG and then check stock and order amount as well as delivery and return processes through a single platform.

☑️Your Products in Our Warehouses
Once you send your products to our tech-enabled warehouse, we subject them to quality control and stocktaking processes so you can monitor both your orders and stock status via OPLOG’s platform.

☑️We Prepare Your Orders
After your orders are transmitted to OPLOG’s London warehouse, your products are collected and packaged as you designed for your brand. 

☑️We Ship Your Orders
If there is no courier company you work with, your orders are given to the optimal courier company by considering the criteria of package size and address-based delivery time with OPLOG One’s smart algorithms. 

☑️Seamless Return
You can track processes such as controlling returns, sorting out resalable products, and updating stocks through our platform. 

Looking to reduce your fulfillment costs in the UK market and seeking fulfillment in London? Contact our specialists today and learn how our London warehouse can help you!