OPLOG is a 4PL(fourth-party logistics) provider, sourcing and coordinating premium resources, capabilities and technologies to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions for your company.

In a competitive market, with tight margins, effective supply chain management makes a real difference to your company’s value, reputation and revenue.

Harnessing the power of web technology, OPLOG is able to bring new efficiency to logistics and supply chain management by introducing revolutionary products, software and operational management systems developed internally by a dynamic team of software developers and systems experts.

OPLOG’s control tower approach is fundamental to providing real-time engineering and analysis to optimize your company’s performance.

Don’t leave the critical, core operations of your business to chance. Contact OPLOG for your free analytical review and consultation.




Logistics is the flow of functions, such as procurement, distribution and inventory management within a single company, but supply chain management refers to the coordination of an entire network of companies, including a greater number of functions, such as, marketing, new product development, finance and customer service.

OPLOG operates a fourth party logistics model, providing end-to-end supply chain management for its partners. OPLOG aligns all of these functions through its pioneering customized software, experienced team of operations managers and control tower approach, delivering unbeatable efficiency and customer satisfaction.





Third- party logistics partners have been a part of accepted business practice for decades, but proactive and successful corporations are partnering with fourth-party logistics company’s (4PL), like OPLOG, who coordinate an integrated end-to-end supply chain solution on their behalf, by managing all resources, capabilities, technologies and providers.

This reengineered approach delivers unbeatable efficiency and value by engaging specialists who contribute a different perspective, knowledge, experience and technology to a company’s in-house function, mutually benefiting from the improved success of the operation.

OPLOG aligns all of these functions through its pioneering customized software, experienced team of operations managers and control tower approach, delivering unbeatable efficiency and customer satisfaction.




Under the pressure of daily operations, it is difficult to step back and take a holistic view at your company, especially to view it ‘like a customer’. However, as consumer demands and market changes continue to accelerate, a dynamic review system is imperative to survive.

OPLOG’s expert team of software engineers and experienced operations managers provide an ongoing quantitative and a qualitative overview of your full supply chain, highlighting core processes and how to optimize cost and efficiency within the supply chain network.

Proactive supply chain assessment and refinement will not only save your company money, but make sure your company is recognized for its corporate best practice.






End-to-End integration of your supply chain eliminates inefficiencies and frees up valuable resources, forming a lean, efficient supply chain that elates consumers and increases profits.

OPLOG runs a control tower management system that provides a bird’s eye-view of your full supply-chain, allowing meticulous end-to-end engineering, as well as the visibility to see concerns early on and respond promptly.

Critical areas of your supply chain include:


  • Stock Levels
  • Excess & Obsolescence
  • Returns & Asset Management
  • Shipping
  • Assembling





OPLOG Supply Chain Solutions consulting services team offers a complete review and analysis of your current logistics strategy to ensure your supply chain processes and operations are efficiently aligned with your business plan. Misalignment of these processes is a key source of poor financial performance

Fostering a streamlined, efficient and profitable supply chain is pivotal to running a successful company and gaining strategic market share. Your OPLOG expert guidance report and customized action plan will focus on core data and metrics to reduce costs, timescales and inefficient inventory management, boosting customer satisfaction and company revenue.