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  • Gain a competitive advantage with software and robotics technology, offering more than 30 integrations.

  • Achieve end-to-end control and visibility over your operational processes.

  • Ensure prompt delivery of your orders with our international delivery services and 24-hour shipping solutions.

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Omnichannel Fulfillment Made Simple
From B2B wholesale and vendor channels to direct B2C sales we make omnichannel fulfilment simple. Our, easy to use platform ensures you have full visibility and control, at all times.
Go Beyond the Traditional Pick, Pack, and Ship Model
Combining our own proprietary software, robotics and people we are redefining the new standards of operational excellence for the industry. So your orders go out right, on time, every time.
Swift Problem Resolution With Dedicated Account Manager
We ensure you and your customers receive an excellent customer experience. With 24/7 customer service and a maximum 3-hour ticket resolution time, your brand is in good hands.
Easy Switching With No Downtime
Switch to OPLOG seamlessly with zero downtime and fast onboarding. Goodbye moving risks, hello cost savings – we cover your moving costs for up to 2 lorries.

Easy Onboarding


Meet & Greet

We will arrange a meeting to identify operational needs, goals, and discuss how OPLOG's solutions can best support your brand.


Seamless Integration

Receive step-by-step guidance for easy monitoring of inventory, orders, and deliveries via OPLOG One. Also we will cover your moving costs up to 2 lorries.


Ready, Set, Deliver

Are you ready? Let's prepare and dispatch your orders! OPLOG is committed to enhancing the speed and efficiency of your e-commerce operations.

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