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10 Ways to Increase Your E-commerce Sales | OPLOG

E-commerce works the best when different marketing methods and service options are in harmony. In addition, e-commerce sales tend to increase significantly when specific arrangements are made on the e-commerce website. In this blog post, we will give 10 tricks on how you can increase your e-commerce sales.

1. Increase your brand awareness

The more people know and trust your brand's name, the more you sell. So, increasing brand awareness would be an option to advance your sales. There are several ways to increase your brand awareness, but we will give you the options that work the best.


It's the quality, not quantity: focus on the quality of your internet content and do not compromise on it. Create high-quality content, build effective digital partnerships, and feel free to collaborate with other businesses in your industry.


Let the world know what you are doing: Competition in the e-commerce sector is high, and competitors are increasing day by day. Reach out to your targeted audience and let them know what you are doing. Promote your content in every possible way. Be active on social media, and if needed, don't neglect paid social media ads. Also, it would be beneficial for you to keep this fact in mind; investing in long-term promotional activities get you better results than short-term plans.

2. Be Everywhere!

Technology lets you be everywhere, anytime. Your website, social media channels, contents are the salespeople who never sleep. Take advantage of all of the power of digital marketing. It could be beneficial to be active on every social media channel your target audience uses. SEO is also a critical issue appearing on the front pages where most customers look.


3. Use E-mail Marketing

Feel free to use e-mail marketing to build good relationships with your customers. Try to grow your e-mail list with leads! An e-mail marketing list with potential customers or customers who have already made purchases supports repeated purchases. In a world where price competition has become the norm, communicating directly with customers is more important than ever to encourage repeat purchases. That's why you should never put e-mail marketing in the background.

4. Use Data Analytics

Strive to develop an appropriate attribution system to understand who your target customers are clearly and measure your marketing effectively. For example, when a user visits your site, you can track all the pages they see the products they click on and automatically send targeted offers based on their activity.

5. Find Out Where Your Customers Are!

You can reach your target audience by using the power of Facebook ads to the fullest. Using Facebook ads is one of the best ways to find new leads to attract new customers to your online store, convert them into purchasers, and get them to buy more. Not advertising on this channel is genuinely a huge missed opportunity for online brands.


6. Test and Retest Your Tests!

Always do tests to optimize your online store and marketing channels to increase conversion rate. Make sure to use 50+ variation variations in your testing approach to see how the changes you make in your online store affect your metrics; if you're trying to run this process on fewer test variations, you're not experimenting enough.


7.  Never Give Up on Segmentation

 Make your customers' information functional in a scalable manner by segmenting your customers who shop on your e-commerce site across channels in real-time.


8. Create an Environment of Passion!

Try to increase your existing customers' average order values ​​and lifetime values ​​.


9. Low-Cost High Efficiency

Invest in customer service technology. Many e-commerce customers feel more satisfied when chatting or interacting with a staff member. Do not ignore this! A quick e-mail and social media response are critical to building brand trust.


10. Troubleshoot Basic Site Errors

It is a known fact that most customers now do research on that product or service on the Internet before making a purchase. By moving your business to the digital world with an e-commerce store, you reach more people and create a sense of trust in many customers.


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