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Fulfillment Center vs. Ordinary Warehouses

Working with a logistics partner has become necessary for industries that require intensive warehouse use. With the rapid development of warehouse technology, smart warehouses have become focused on efficiency and profit. Smart warehouses, which have an important place, especially in fulfillment service processes, increase their role in developing eCommerce day by day.

Thanks to the fulfillment smart warehouse service, you will get rid of the financial burdens and complex processes that frequently occur during the distribution period while increasing the efficiency of your warehouse. Smart storage systems, defined as storage technologies that integrate each other, are technological ecosystems in which products are automatically received, limited, sorted, and arranged for shipment.

What is Fulfillment Smart Warehouse Service?

A fulfillment center like OPLOG refers to a service model that precisely corresponds to the concept of eCommerce logistics. If you are a seller with an online store in the eCommerce system, you need to prepare to send a product you sell to your customers. These preparations involve many risky and time-consuming complex processes such as packaging, storage, and control of products. Thanks to the OPLOG fulfillment smart storage service, you can easily handle all operations and devote time to your work.

What are the Benefits of Using Fulfillment Smart Warehouse?

The need for smart storage systems has increased considerably with the development of technology, and these warehouses have gone beyond being simple facilities to store inventory. The most successful fulfillment smart warehouse solutions automate almost all operations from suppliers to customers with minimal errors. In this way, people trust more and more products stored in smart warehouses every day. The advantages of using a Fulfillment smart warehouse can be listed as follows:

1. Labor Efficiency Increases

Smart warehouse systems are the pinnacle of using warehouse automation. This system is designed to operate at the highest efficiency level by combining best logistics practices, warehousing automation, and other technologies to provide top service.

The more you automate manual tasks for your smart warehouse, the less staff you need to get things done. In addition, as automation increases, your employees can focus their concentration on higher-value work, which ensures maximum efficiency.

 2. Faster Returns Provided

In the fulfillment center smart warehouse process, quicker action is taken for incoming orders, and a competitive advantage is gained against warehouses working with a manual system. For instance, if you are using the smart warehouse service, and your competitor is using a casual one, your order may already be on its way until your competitor finds and packs the products.

Difference between Fulfillment Center Service from Ordinary Warehouses

An example can easily explain the difference between a smart fulfillment center and a classic warehouse. A person must answer where to place the pallet or product in ordinary warehouses. In smart warehouse systems, advanced computer software performs all these operations.
A smart fulfillment storage system relies on advanced computer software and historical data based on the developed algorithm it contains. It decides by considering various factors such as how long the inventory will stay in the warehouse or how much area is needed. In this way, the smart storage system prevents the products from being lost, damaged, or taking up space in the warehouse for an unnecessary time.

Experience the advantages of using a fulfillment smart warehouse, such as increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction. To optimize your eCommerce logistics and enjoy the convenience of automated operations, explore OPLOG's fulfillment smart warehouse service by contacting us!


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