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Best B2B Marketplaces to Sell in Europe and Their Top 7 Benefits for Your Business

In today's dynamic global economy, traditional methods of sourcing and selling products have evolved significantly as B2B (business-to-business) buyers, much like B2C buyers, have started valuing convenience. To answer the demand for convenient B2B processes, B2B marketplaces provide a virtual meeting ground for businesses, enabling them to connect, trade, and foster mutually beneficial partnerships effortlessly.   

The demand is so high that according to Statista, The Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of B2B eCommerce in Europe is expected to experience consistent growth between 2022 and 2025, surpassing a projected GMV of 1.8 trillion dollars by 2025.  


Why? B2B marketplaces are essential for businesses to tap into a vast network of suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers, empowering them to enhance their competitiveness and thrive in the dynamic European market.


In this blog post, we will explore the key advantages that European B2B marketplaces will provide you while selling your products to your B2B audience alongside the 4 top B2B marketplaces you must try!


4 Best B2B Marketplaces in Europe 

Several B2B marketplaces have gained prominence in Europe, especially in transforming businesses' operations and trade. Here are the four most important B2B marketplaces in Europe. 

Alibaba logo on wall

1. Alibaba.com  

As one of the world's largest B2B marketplaces, Alibaba.com connects businesses across Europe with suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers from around the globe. Its vast product range, competitive pricing, and secure trade assurance make it an essential platform for businesses looking to expand their supplier network or reach new markets. 


Benefits of selling on Alibaba:  

  • Alibaba has a large audience and gives sellers access to a massive market of potential buyers. 
  • Selling on Alibaba is more cost-effective than setting up a standalone eCommerce site. 
  • Alibaba provides a trusted platform and a secure transaction environment for sellers and buyers. 
  • Alibaba streamlines global reach and accessibility by automatically translating your B2B storefront into 18 languages.


Alibaba commission fees

Publishers participating in Alibaba.com's sellers' program start with a commission rate of 7% on the transaction value of each Qualifying Purchase (excluding insurance fees, delivery fees, and other relevant expenses). However, publishers who can generate substantial volumes of high-quality traffic may receive an increased commission rate based on their performance.


Check it out: Alibaba.com  


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amazon building

2. Amazon Business

Amazon's B2B marketplace, Amazon

The business caters specifically to the needs of businesses by providing access to millions of products, bulk purchasing options, and streamlined procurement processes. Its user-friendly interface, fast delivery, and reliable customer service make it a trusted platform for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of selling on Amazon Business: 

  • Amazon Business, like Alibaba, has a large international audience which gains you, potential global buyers. 
  • Amazon Business requires low marketing and customer acquisition costs as 20% of UK and 15% of US buyers already buy from Amazon Business. 
  • Leverages Amazon's reputation and supply chain network to ensure healthy customer relationships and steady operations.  
  • Amazon Business provides a user-friendly interface and streamlined selling tools, making it easier for businesses to list and manage their products. 

Amazon commission fees  

While commission fees for Amazon in Europe vary from category to category, the fee is around 15% of the selling price for many products. In addition, if an additional service is selected, in addition to the minimum fee of 0,30 €, a fee is charged for services such as order fulfillment or advertising. 

Check it out: Amazon Business 

3. Allegro 

Allegro B2B Marketplace is a leading online platform facilitating B2B trade in Poland. It is a comprehensive marketplace connecting Polish suppliers with domestic and international buyers. Despite being based in Poland, selling on this marketplace with a high worldwide search volume can offer advantages.  
According to Statista, as of March 2021, Allegro recorded over 197 million visits per month, which puts this eCommerce platform in 9th place among the world's leaders in online sales, such as Amazon and eBay.  

Benefits of selling on Allegro:   

  • As a Polish marketplace, Allegro B2B understands the local market dynamics, consumer preferences, and cultural nuances. This knowledge can help you tailor your product offerings, marketing strategies, and customer interactions to meet Polish buyers' needs effectively.
  • It is a well-established platform in Poland with a strong brand reputation and a large customer base. Selling on this platform allows you to tap into the domestic market and reach a wide range of Polish buyers.

Allegro Commission Fees

At Allegro, you pay a commission per item you sell. There is also a commission for listing just a few category products. If you want to use extra tools to increase your sales, there are three different subscription systems that range from 10 USD to 750 USD. Although the commission received from product categories differs, here are the commission rates of the top-selling product categories;

1) Telephones and accessories: 6% 
2) Computers: 9.5% 
3) Home and garden:  10% 
4) Beauty:  11% 
5) Health & Sports and Travel: 10% 

Check it out: Allegro  


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faire website

4. Faire 

Faire B2B Marketplace is an online platform that aims to revolutionize wholesale buying and selling by connecting retailers with brands and makers. It boasts a vast and diverse network of retailers, including boutiques, gift shops, home decor stores, and online retailers. 


Benefits of selling on Faire:

  • Faire simplifies wholesale buying by providing a user-friendly platform with intuitive tools. Sellers can easily manage their product listings, track inventory, process orders, generate invoices, and handle fulfillment, saving time and effort.  
  • Faire encourages sustainable practices by offering sellers the option to use eco-friendly packaging materials. This aligns with the growing consumer demand for environmentally conscious products and can enhance a seller's brand reputation.  


Faire commission fees

No commission is paid when selling to existing customers at Faire. However, a commission fee is charged for customers who shop from the company for the first time and through the company's Faire marketplace. The commission rate is 25% for first orders, and this rate drops to 15% for subsequent orders.  


Check it out: Faire  


7 Unique Benefits of Selling on B2B Marketplaces in Europe 

Selling your products on a B2B marketplace rather than a brick-and-mortar store already has its benefits─you gain much more exposure, save time with digital tools that facilitate business, get to exclude overhead costs like rent and utilities, and get data analytics that helps improve your sales. 


However, when you use these B2B marketplaces to sell your products in Europe, they come with a whole other set of benefits that can truly help transform your business. 


1. Easier Expansion to Neighboring Markets

Europe's geographical proximity and well-developed infrastructure make expanding and targeting neighboring markets easier. Selling in a European B2B marketplace can serve as a stepping stone for expanding your business beyond one specific country, tapping into a broader European customer base, and exploring new growth opportunities. 


2. Favorable Trade Agreements

Europe has established trade agreements, such as the European Union's Single Market and various bilateral agreements, that promote free trade among member states and partner countries. Selling in a B2B marketplace within Europe can provide easier access to these favorable trade arrangements, reducing trade barriers and facilitating smoother cross-border transactions. 


3. Access to Business Support Services

Especially in the UK several online marketplaces in the UK offer additional services and support beyond the selling platform itself. These may include business education resources, mentoring programs, networking events, and expert advice on running a B2B business. Leveraging these resources can provide valuable insights, guidance, and opportunities for growth.  


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4. Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability as a competitive advantage: Europe strongly emphasizes sustainability and environmental responsibility. Selling through a European B2B marketplace allows businesses to position themselves as eco-conscious and offer sustainable solutions.  


Mostly, Germany is widely recognized for its strong commitment to sustainability. The country has implemented various initiatives, policies, and regulations to promote environmental protection, renewable energy, and sustainable practices across industries. German businesses and consumers actively prioritize sustainability, making it an attractive market for companies offering environmentally friendly products and services.


5. Access to EU Funding

The European Union offers various funding programs and grants to support businesses, particularly those involved in innovation, research, and development. Selling in a European B2B marketplace can increase visibility and credibility, enhancing the chances of qualifying for EU funding opportunities that can fuel business growth and expansion.  


6. Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Europe is a diverse region with many cultures and languages. Selling in a European B2B marketplace allows for cross-cultural collaboration, enabling businesses to learn from and collaborate with partners from different backgrounds. This can foster creativity, innovation, and the exchange of ideas, leading to unique business opportunities.  


7. Regulatory Compliance Expertise  

The European market is known for its stringent regulations, especially in data protection (GDPR) and consumer rights. Selling in a European B2B marketplace exposes businesses to these regulations, providing an opportunity to learn and adapt to the high compliance standards. Acquiring expertise in regulatory compliance can enhance customer trust and strengthen your business's reputation.  


To Sum Up

In summary, selling in B2B marketplaces in Europe expands the customer base and market reach by providing access to a diverse range of buyers, offering targeted audience segmentation, increasing brand exposure, providing competitive pricing and increasing sales opportunities, and offering time-saving digital operations. Leveraging these advantages allows businesses to tap into new markets, reach a wider audience, and unlock growth opportunities in the dynamic B2B landscape.   


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