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E-Commerce Logistics 101: Complete Guide to E-Commerce Operations

With the rapid expansion of technological advancements in the online world, merchants gained unprecedented openings that go far beyond the limits of traditional commerce networks. So, the logistics get its share from these openings and brought a new soul with fast picking, packing, and shipping services. Let's dive deep into the logistics sea with us and learn how e-commerce logistics plays a major role in every e-commerce business.

What is E-Commerce Logistics?

E-Commerce logistics can be defined as logistics of e-commerce sales. It is mainly opposed to the traditional logistics set up by retailers. The processes of e-commerce logistics involve a wide range of services like picking, packing, and shipping.


E-Commerce logistics services appear ideal for businesses that don't want to deal with e-commerce operations or have outgrown warehousing capabilities to the point where they cannot ship their orders. An e-commerce logistics partner is one of the options to receive e-commerce logistics services or fulfillment services.

What are the stages of E-commerce logistics Service?

Picking, packing, and shipping are time-consuming, especially during the busiest time of the year. Partnering with an e-commerce logistics service provider could be the solution to solve obstacles to your e-commerce operations, which would allow you to focus on customer service and grow your business.


A complete e-commerce logistics service in an e-commerce system consists of 4 stages. These stages are;

  • Warehouse management,
  • Logistics management,
  • Order management and
  • It can be listed as customer relations.

The e-commerce logistics system or fulfillment system, which provides a wide range of services, does not cover studies such as the preparation of catalogs and product information. Furthermore, companies must follow the necessary steps for the system to be efficient.

However, implementing each step in the system may not be needed according to the terms of the service. To wrap up, you can choose accordingly with the services you want to use because it is about the product you will sell.

The progress of the logistics service stages is as follows;


1. Fulfillment Warehouse Management

Warehouse management refers to the practice of storing the products in a particular place from the beginning of the sales process until the products are ordered. In addition, this phase requires the maintenance of space usage, stock control, and transport equipment to be performed most efficiently.


In this process, all warehouse management transactions were met by fulfillment service, thereby making your products reach your customers in the fastest way. At the same time, it provides positive feedback to your company in customer satisfaction.


2. Fulfillment Order Management

The order management phase includes all processes such as receiving requests and orders, pricing factors, keeping records, controlling stocks, making stock allocations, conveying production or purchasing needs to the necessary places, tracking orders, keeping delivery and collection under control.


OPLOG, the industry leader in order fulfillment, preserves the collection of your orders and returns flawlessly and uninterruptedly. OPLOG also gearshifts the shipping and inventory to deliver an integrated e-commerce logistics experience.


3. Packing and Shipping of Fulfillment Product

With fulfillment service, when the products are received from the warehouse, they are arranged accordingly with a specific packaging system and sent to customers by the company. In this way, the seller does not deal with extra costs.


Thanks to OPLOG, which serves as a fulfillment center, you do not have to deal with all these transactions related to e-commerce. At the same time, you can gain substantial profit conversions as a seller from the effort, time, and cost spent on order management.


4. Customer Support

Customer support provides help when customers have trouble with a product or service. For instance, the support service team is the one who is responsible for answering questions of customers, informing customers in case of possible returns, providing real-time order tracking reporting, and so forth.


OPLOG offers tech-enabled fulfillment services with end-to-end track and trace services, including unified inventory control, an integral buying and returning experience, and transparent e-logistics technology.


Partnering with OPLOG, you can take care of all your sales channels quickly with one logistics partner, one inventory, and one e-logistics system. So, boost your sales and maximize product distribution by consulting an OPLOG fulfillment expert.


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